Transition Update


When I was a kid and the calendar changed from July to August, there was a significant shift in my thinking. It meant that Summer break was coming to a close and the new school year was just around the corner. I still continued with Summer activities and a relaxed routine, but I did so with the thought of a classroom and homework creeping toward the forefront of my mind. Transitioning back to school-mode took some mental and emotional preparation. It also took awhile for me to fully get there.

As a church, we’ve been in a season of transition for about a year. We’ve spent significant time processing who we are and discerning where God is leading. Some of us have struggled with the inevitable change that comes in transition and others are asking what is holding us back and are frustrated that we’re not moving faster. In some ways, like a student preparing to go back to school, we’re caught between what’s happening today and  the anticipation of what is coming.

As we head toward Fall and continue in our transition, it’s important we’re all on the same page. We have mapped out a three-phase transition process. That process includes (1) Finding or Identity, (2) Defining Direction and (3) Naming a Pastor. We have a Transition Team made up of elders that is working with the rest of Session to move through the process and we’re currently working to define our direction for our immediate path and to name some goals for the future.

Our aim is to conclude the second phase within the next month or so. Session has asked the Nominating Committee (affectionally, “NomCom”) to start searching for candidates for the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) and the NomCom is working hard to fill the nine spots of the PNC (seven members and two alternates). If you are interested in either recommending someone to serve or interested in serving yourself, you can download an application here.

Journeying With You – Dave Rohde, Interim Pastor