Third Sunday of Lent


Dust from the road stuck to the bottom of my shoes as I walked down the foggy path towards the kitchen. I could see my breath as it went out and then I sucked in the cool morning air though my nostrils. I sat down inside the dimly lit room next to fellow staff members, we let our first words join in singing adoration to our Lord and then audible prayers for the work of the coming day. “Oh God, you are my God, and I will ever praise you! … I will seek you in the morning and I will learn to walk in your ways.”

When I read Psalm 63, I remember working as a lead counselor at Westminster Woods in Northern California and how it taught me discipline. I was up each morning before the sun rose to gather with others and pray. Every stopping point called for prayer and worship. Each lesson I taught and counselor I led depended on the Holy Spirit. We prayed before each meal. At each meeting. As we put our campers to bed each night in their cabins. We prayed. After evening program we gathered together and prayed. It became as natural as walking down the path.

While in college (at Whitworth University) I learned that I could add a discipline during the season of Lent, rather than take something away. One of those was writing in my journal each day. Remaining in a spirit of reflection for the month leading up to Easter reminded me of Christ’s obedience to the Father. I woke up each day and set my mind on Jesus. It gave me focus.

As a mother of young children, it’s nearly impossible for me to have the same type of mornings that I had when I served at Westminster Woods and finding time to journal is increasingly difficult. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reminded that things that seem small, like taking five minutes to read Scripture or praying before each meal can help to realign my focus towards Jesus. The story of Jesus sitting in the home of Mary and Martha comes to mind. I have to be disciplined to walk away from dirty dishes and unfolded laundry, to focus my heart on Christ and sit at his feet.

Each morning, seek Christ. What discipline can you add to your life that will help you walk in His ways? Pray. Reflect. Write. Memorize Scripture. Be alone with God. Study. Read a devotional. Be quiet. Fast. Where is your focus this Lenten season?

– Hailey Rohde

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