First Sunday of Lent

FullSizeRenderPsalm 91: 1-2

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High

will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;

he is my God, and I am trusting him.


With five kids in the house, each one of us trying to give up a certain food for Lent would have been a nightmare for my Mom. So instead when I was growing up, one of our traditions during the Lenten season was to have a glass jar on our kitchen table. Anytime someone would say a bad word or say something unkind they would have to put money in the jar. As I remember, it started out as a nickel. By the time I was in high school it had been raised to a quarter. On Easter Sunday we would take all the change to church and put it in the offering. (I’m sure the counters loved that!)

When I was little I thought it was fun to put the money in. I would come home from school and confess my indiscretions (either real or made up) and put my nickel in. But as I got older I began to understand the true lesson that my parents were trying to teach us. We are to be aware of what we say and do because our words and our deeds have consequences, both good and bad. As we all got older it became a badge of honor to have the least amount of money in the jar. During this whole process our parents guided us with discussions about what we had said or done and how it affected others. My parents made it a safe place to make mistakes and to learn. To this day I find myself thinking, “Is this going to cost me a quarter?” when I am faced with a situation that I need to respond to.

Now that I have been many years out of the shelter and safety of my parent’s home, I find my refuge, my safe place, in the words of scripture and the conversations through prayer with God. His guidance, concern and, yes, discipline comforts me. I can trust Him with my indiscretions and know that through His grace I am protected and loved.

During this Lenten season ask yourself, “What does it mean to make God my refuge?” are you willing to put your trust in Him? The days of the glass jar are long gone but the lessons learned of guidance, love and acceptance will stay with me for a lifetime.

– Margot Backman

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