Blog, Why?

The Long Room of the Old Library. Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Years ago, my wife and I took a trip to Ireland. Before we went, I dove into the works of James Joyce, Bram Stoker and James McCourt – all wonderful storytellers of Irish dissent. By the time we landed in the country, I had already spent hours dreaming of its beauty.

We spent one of our days in Dublin at Trinity College. Trinity was founded in 1592 and is one of the seven ancient universities of Britain and Ireland. The campus is most notably known for housing the Book of Kells, which is a work that displays the four Gospels with intricate calligraphy and illustrations. It was created in the 800’s by Columban monks in the British Isles. The attention to detail of the icons on the pages was astounding, with the images of each pages brilliantly telling a story.

We took a tour of the library, where the Book of Kells is kept. While most of the people in our group were paying careful attention to every inch of the Kells pages on display, I got lost in the Long Room (pictured above). Its smell was incredible. The echo of my feet on the hardwood floors and the thousands of books that were hundreds of years old forced my mind to wander. Who had walked these halls? How many hours of studying had taken place here? How many stories are in those books? 

Throughout history humans have built community through story. We pick up a book, watch a movie or listen to a friend tell us about it was like to grow up in a different part of the country. We’re drawn in by the illustration of a sermon or by a conversation we have in a living room – we connect by story.

Jesus mastered the art of storytelling. And before he taught through parables, poetry and prose were a mainstay in the life and worship of God’s people. The goal for this blog is that it would be a place where St. Peter’s can grow together. We will post devotionals and reflections; stories from our past; information and updates on current happenings; and hopes for our future. Some of the content will come from the pastor(s) and staff and some will come from you. Ultimately, my prayer is that this will be another place where we connect as a community.

– Pastor Dave


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